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Find Your Perfect Senior Week Hotel or Beach House!

Senior Week 2017 in Myrtle Beach starts on May 27. If you haven't booked your room yet, you need to get that done ASAP. If you are struggling to find a place that rents to under 21, there's no need to worry! provides a list of accommodations that allow check-ins for 18 and up (and in some cases 17 and up). Here are a few of the recommended spots:

Sandcastle Resort

Sandcastle Resort at 1802 N Ocean Blvd (map) is the epicenter of Senior Week in Myrtle Beach! It is the official headquarters for the Myrtlemaniac Senior Week VIP Card and is packed with thousands of students celebrating their graduation. Sandcastle is located oceanfront in the heart of the N Ocean Blvd strip in Myrtle Beach just steps away from the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, the Skywheel, Peaches Corner, Ripley's Believe it or Not and the Slingshot Ride. You can walk to dozens of restaurants, souvenir shops and other conveniences like grocery stores and pharmacies. It has a number of cool features like an indoor and beachfront pool, lazy river, and hot tubs. Rooms on weeks 1 (5/27-6/2), 2 (6/3-6/9) and 3 (6/10-6/16) always sell out so if you haven't booked, you need to do it today!

Boardwalk Beach Resort

Just a few blocks away from Sandcastle Resort is the Boardwalk Beach Resort at 2301 N Ocean Blvd (map). Boardwalk is composed of four towers that sit right on the oceanfront. Thousands of students call this home for Senior Week. Week 2 (6/3-6/9) is normally packed solid, so we recommend booking as soon as possible!

Myrtle Beach Group Bookings

Myrtle Beach Group Bookings is perfect if you have a group that will need multiple rooms at the same hotel and save $$$! Myrtle Beach Group Bookings will help you find the perfect student friendly hotel so you and all your friends can stay all in the same location and take advantage of the awesome group booking discounts. Just head over to the student section at Myrtle Beach Group Bookings to submit your group information and get the booking process underway, then one of their friendly representatives will be in touch with you shortly to help you find your perfect Senior Week 2017 hotel in Myrtle Beach! Make sure to mention when you book to take advantage of great discounts.  Go to Myrtle Beach Group Bookings to get started today!


Retreat Myrtle Beach

A lot of seniors in bigger groups like to book at beach houses in North Myrtle Beach. If that's you, then Retreat Myrtle Beach (map) is the way to go. They provide a wide variety of beach condos and cottages for all different sized groups. All of their accommodations are a short walk to the beach and located close to a lot of the amenities in North Myrtle Beach. Their busiest period is during weeks 2 (6/3-6/9), 3 (6/10-6/16) and 4 (6/17-6/23).

Sea Park

Sea Park is a quality option for your Senior Week trip, located right across the street from the Beach, and located very close to Banditos Restaurant and Cantina and a block away from the Sandcastle Resort. Sea Park is another great option for last minute bookers.  Be sure to book by phone by calling (843) 448-3042 to have a fun and memorable Senior Week Trip!

Towers Motel

The Towers Motel has been providing students with quality, affordable Senior Week accommodations for years! Great especially for last minute bookers. It's located directly on Ocean Blvd across the street from the Sandcastle Resort and the beach. CALL (843) 448-4433 to book!

Go to for More Senior Week Rooms and Rentals!

These are just a few of the most popular options for students on Senior Week. Make sure to look at for a full list of student friendly hotels and house rentals for Senior Week. You can also purchase your Myrtlemaniac Senior Week VIP Card club and entertainment package there. Good luck finding the ideal place for your group, and remember BOOK FAST because Senior Week 2017 starts on May 27!

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