Week 2 (June 4-10) Will Be PACKED SOLID!

It Might Just Be The Biggest Week We've Ever Seen!

Week 2, which runs from June 4 thru June 10th is going to be the busiest week we've ever seen, and Week's 1, 3 and 4 are also up over previous years. What that means is that hotels and beach house companies in Myrtle Beach are saying that, compared to this point last year, they have a record high number of students booked for June. The sales for the Myrtlemaniac Senior Week VIP Card are up over DOUBLE from this point last year. Week 2 WILL SELL OUT, so it make sure to order yours as soon as possible to guarantee your spot at the best Senior Week 2016 parties like the Foam Part, Mardi Gras Party, and the Glow Rage Paint Party as well as discounted entry to the Senior Week Concert Series (Artists TBA). 

Even outside of Week 2, Myrtle Beach still gets a ton of students and all the parties will be slammed. If you book later and Week 2 is sold out, delaying your trip until Week 3 is a perfectly good option. We will have a full array of Senior Week 2016 parties, and you'll have just as much fun. For a full list of student friendly hotels and beach house companies, make sure to look at the list we have provided here (The Sandcastle Resort at 1802 N Ocean Blvd is our number 1 recommended hotel)! And, if you have any additional questions or want to order your 2016 Senior Week VIP Cards by phone, give us a call at (888) 995-2463! Senior Week 2016 Begins in a month and a half. We can't wait to see everyone there! 

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